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Spiritual Formation

This course is based on the book, "Self-Study Bible Course" by Derek Prince. It is a valuable tool for all Christians, whether new to the faith or seasoned, to study.

Encountering The Book Of Romans

This 8-10 week course is an indepth study of Romans.

Life of Christ

This course systematically presents the person of Jesus Christ in His past, present, and future work. The student is introduced to typology and is given the opportunity to see the abundant revelation of Christ in the Old Testament. A thorough teaching is given on the fulfillment of prophecy as it relates to Christ both in the past and the future.

The Historical Books

This facinating course discusses the historical books of the Bible which span over 1,000 years of Israel's history.

Prison Epistles

The student will develop an understanding of the historical development of Paul’s ministry by being able to interpret each Prison Epistle textually and contextually. It will equip the student to acquire a basic working knowledge of biblical resource material pertaining to Prison Epistles and to recognize major themes in all the Prison Epistles.

Practicle Paul

This course examines the way that the teaching of Paul and other apostles guided the thinking of the early church and how they shape us as believers today.


This course is an interpretive study of Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures which revel the events of the end times. It investigates the time and order of these events and their importance and relation to contemporary Christian life.

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